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Avati Auto specializes in Los Angeles auto leasing. Leasing a car, or even financing a vehicle can be a complicated process for many people. Leasing or financing a car requires hours of looking around to find the right vehicle, bargaining the price, and making sure the process goes smoothly. On top of that, customers have to read through hundreds of papers to review their contract.

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Why Lease A Car Instead Of Buying?

Leasing allows you to put less down, sometimes even as little as zero. With leasing you also typically have lower monthly payments than if you were to buy a car. We have seen leasing become a more and more popular option. About one out of every three cars driven off the lot is leased now. Leasing also allows you to maintain a higher cash flow and pay less in taxes on your new vehicle. For the best deals in your area, give us a call – you can’t beat the service or price at Avati Auto Group.

Buying is the more traditional option. When you buy a car, you typically have to put more down than you would with a lease. it’s also harder to upgrade your car. The advantages of buying are that you can eventually own the car and that you won’t have to worry about mileage limits.

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